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Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears move with your mood, just like a real cat!

Powered by NeuroSky’s ThinkGear technology, the Necomimi headset can detect and interpret your brainwaves using a single sensor that rests on your forehead. Necomimi then translates the brainwave data into cat-like reactive movements that show how interested or relaxed you are in real time. When something catches your attention, the ears shoot straight up. When relaxed, the ears droop down. When both highly focused and highly relaxed - or “in the zone” - the ears will wiggle back and forth. In addition to the original white ears, Necomimi comes with a variety of colored ears, including Obsidian Black, Minky Brown, and Jungle Leopard, so you can choose the ear color that best suits you! More information on Necomimi can be found at

Selected as one of TIME Magazine’s “50 Best Inventions of the Year” in 2011, Necomimi launched at Comic Con in July 2012 and has since been featured on The TODAY Show, The Doctors, Anderson Cooper, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!



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